Viewing Updates on My Page

The Updates page on My Page shows the most recently updated wiki pages, blog posts, podcasts, and mailing lists you have access to. This includes content updates and new comments. From this page you can view update summaries or page comments or you can click a page title to view the page.

The Updates page shows only wiki pages and blog posts from wikis and blogs you're watching.

To view the Updates page:

  1. Navigate to My Page:

    • If you're currently viewing a wiki page, click "my page."

    • If you're not sure where your wiki is located, call your help desk.

  2. While viewing My Page, click Updates.

  3. Log in if prompted.

To view updates:

  • While viewing the Updates page, do the following:

    To do this Do this

    View updates, including read pages

    Click All Updates

    View unread updates

    Click Unread Updates

    Mark updates as read

    Click Mark All As Read

    Unread pages are denoted by a blue circle. When the page is read, the circle is cleared.

To filter by special pages:

  • While viewing the Updates page, do the following:

    To show this Do this

    All pages

    Under Show, click "all"

    All pages you've created or edited

    Under Show, click "my pages"

    All pages marked with a star

    Under Show, click "starred pages"

    All pages tagged with "hot"

    Under Show, click "hot pages"

To filter by smart filter:

  • While viewing the Updates page, under "Smart Filters," click the smart filter to view.

    You must save at least one smart filter for smart filters to be listed.

To view update summaries or page comments:

  1. While viewing the Updates page, click the blue Updates or Comments button at the right of the page name to show a comment previewer.

    The button lists the number of updates or page comments that were added since the page was last read. The button can show a maximum of five updates and page comments.

  2. To view all updates and page comments, click "See all" in the comment previewer.


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