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    Welcome to the SBR iPhone App (version 1.0)

    The SBR iPhone App delivers 24/7 streaming audio readings of the New Testament in English, Spanish, and Modern Hebrew.

    One complete reading takes about 15 or 16 hours and then it starts over. You never know where the reading will be today.

    Is the SBR iPhone App right for you?

    • Wonder what the Bible REALLY says?
    • English is not your first language?
    • Like to make good use of your commute time? (Safety First !!!)
    • Want to read the Bible but don't know where to start?
    • Sometimes prefer the "spoken word" over the "written word"? (Sometimes we do!)
    • Want to learn the Bible but don't have a "big plan"?
    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then SBR iPhone App might be right for you.

    Wonder the SBR iPhone App is not?
    Well, it is not:
    • a "Bible Reader". (There are other great apps for that.)
    • heavyweight. (No Bible text, audio, or video is included the app.)
    • a bandwidth hog. (It will stream just fine over a 64K connection.)
    • expensive. (The app is free. The 24/7 streaming audio is free.)

    You can get the Streaming Bible Radio iPhone App at the iPhone store --> coming soon!!!.

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